"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others"

- Jack Welch

Future Eagles Program

The leadership of the future is where self-awareness changes the staff and staff with self-awareness changes the company.

Future Eagles is a scientifically based leadership program for high achievers who are about to take the next step towards becoming tomorrow’s top leader. Members will enter a solid network of executives from large global companies as well as exciting start-ups.

In todays’ hectic world, mental and physical well-being is important to perform at the highest possible level. With decades of experience behind us, we know that self-awareness is one of the most important qualities in successful leaders. Therefore, those are some of the areas we focus on during the leadership program. We also focus on the importance of smart leadership so that you will have the tools to meet your own personal goals, as well as your company’s, as your career develops.

The program lasts for one year and consists of 5 modules, all of which last 1-2 days each. In each module we learn and discuss trends and scientifically based theories, combined with a lot of interactive exercises. To furthermore increase the value for you as a member, a number of external experts will take part in the different modules.

To be able to clearly measure your development during the year we both start and end the program with a 360- analysis on your leadership behaviour and competences.

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Modul 2
Modul 1

What we will do (2 days)

- Introduction and expectations for the year
- Kick-off with focus on networking and getting to know each other
- Self-awareness - how to adapt and understand others
-Review of Insights Full Circle (360-analysis)


- A solid start with your new group and professional network
- Increased self-awareness and insight into how you can best adapt to others
- Different communication tools for managing challenges at work and creating better relationship, both internally and externally
- Awareness of how you are perceived as a leader according to your colleagues
Modul 2

What we will do (1,5 days)

- Explore your why - what matters to you, what motivates you and is it aligned with your company why?
- Analyze how to lead yourself and others effectively while keeping a healthy work- life balance. This will be supported by a 360 leadership competence profile
- The importance of both physical and mental well-being in order to be able to continue to develop
- Your legacy – the importance of the relationships and social capital that you leave behind.


- Understanding your why, your driving forces and what motivates you
- New perspectives that can help you reach your life goals more easily
- Learning about how to create a sustainable life balance between work and leisure
Egon Wallgren

What we will do (1 days)

- Focus on innovative thinking and setting personal goals
- Discussions regarding how to maintain a stable and sustainable organization
- 4-SITE model for problem solving
(Evidence Based Thinking, Possibility Thinking, Logical Analysis, Gut Feel Judgement)
- Analysis of cause and effect
- What creates a new innovative vision


- Increased knowledge about how to handle cultural difference
- The ability to use agile processes to stimulate creativity and innovation
- Understanding the importance of different processes based on strategic choices
- Increased ability to engage and create an inspiring corporate culture
Caroline Fossto

What we will do (1 day)

- Introducing you to the right rhetorical tools for compelling communication.
- Discussion regarding how to manage an effective change agenda and lead your team during change
- Commitment and corporate culture
- Psychology - the ability to influence
- Results-oriented coaching
- Loving & caring leadership


- A tool box for managing change
- Increased confidence in communicating both inspiring and clarifying messages
- Insights into different models to use in coaching and appraisals
- Prerequisites for establishing committed and present employees
Filippa Olsson

What we will do (1,5 days)

- How to coach your team to reach their highest potential using different coaching models
- Key performance management, designing and implementing sustainable and efficient processes
- Constructive feedback with the feedback model D4
- Results from the program through a new Insights Full Circle (360-analysis)
- Set goals based on the results of the year
- Certification test


- Increased self-awareness about your coaching style
- The right prerequisites for effective target management
- Sustainable personal action plan for the future
- Understanding how you have developed as a leader and what you should focus on in the future through the follow-up of Insights Full Circle.
Your Profile

Your Profile

The setup and the practicalities

The setup and the practicalities

"“90% of top performers are considered to be highly self-aware.”"


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