Sometimes innovation needs peace and space; but sometimes it needs strict guidance

Tankar från Alina Ruonala-Lindgren, Co-Creation Manager på VTT
Alina Ruonala-Lindgren Medlem Leaders Alliance
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Tell us about your current role and organization:

I started to work at VTT 1.5 years ago as a co-creation manager. My task is to build ecosystems together with companies and other organizations in the area of using biomass. VTT is one of the leading research, development and innovation organizations in Europe. We help our customers and society to grow and renew through applied research.
Tell us about a defining moment in your career and what you learnt from it:

I think it happened when I joined VTT 1.5 years ago. I truly feel that by using biomass in a sustainable way we can make the world a better place. I wanted to be part of pushing this development and making the transition from research to business opportunity with companies true. This position has really opened a new world for me, both the scientific findings with business opportunity, but also the collaboration with different companies in different parts of the world.
You’re one of the many Great Minds at Leaders Alliance. Can you share something you’ve learnt from other members?:

The most fruitful aspect about the group is that it represents great variety of different industries, the academic world and both small and big companies. Most of all, I think it is great to hear from other members about their business areas, what kinds of challenges they are facing in everyday life at work and then learning how they can be solved. So, very practical things. I think it is also interesting to hear that the challenge of renewing a company and taking on-board new things is definitely not easy – persistency is needed.
Disruption and innovation is essentially about change. What do you think about differently since you joined Leaders Alliance?
Leading innovation is possible. It is not blurry, or something what just happens when you let all the flowers grow as they wish. On the contrary, sometimes innovation needs peace and room, but sometimes it needs strict leading. 
What’s the most unexpected thing for you from your time with LA?

In a way it is surprising how similar issues we face at our work regardless of where a person works.
Who would you encourage to join Leaders Alliance?

All those who are looking for tools and ideas how to lead innovation or renewal. Leaders Alliance offers a platform to exchange views and learn new things, the tools to do it and the chance to meet great people pushing innovation.

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Alina Ruonala-Lindgren, Co-Creation Manager på VTT

Sometimes innovation needs peace and space; but sometimes it needs strict guidance

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